Air Products challenges you to "Test Your Metal"

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Air Products is relaunching their leading innovative range of welding gases for stainless steel welding - Inomaxx® by challenging welders to "Test Your Metal".

Inomaxx® weld process gas is more than just a shielding gas.....  it is the gas for ultimate stainless steel welds.   In addition to high quality welds with excellent surface finish, Inomaxx® improves productivity via allowing faster welding speeds.  However, don't just take our word for it!  Inomaxx® weld process gas (along with the rest of the Maxx® gas range) was developed with and endorsed  by the TWI (The Welding Institute).

Click here to find out more  To arrange a FREE no-obligation demonstration and take the challenge contact us on 0800 389 0202 or [email protected]